Wednesday, April 3, 2019

In the Beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. (Genesis 1:1)

Apollo 8 Message
Frank Borman, James Lovell, William Anders.
Magnificent, Brilliant, Historic and Uplifting.
Thanks to MartinsChannel for an outstanding job.

Uncommon Descent
Illustra Media 

"God, Creation and the Cosmos"
Pictorial Display.

After reading the "Creation" magazine (2007) featuring an article on Wayne Ollings 'Curious Earth' display, which he currently shows in the Sydney area, I was amazed. His simple, yet very effective way to explain a complex subject to the general public is brilliant. Thanks to Wayne and his supporters his example encouraged me to start my own display. My display is free to the public and has three major themes as the title implies.

Wayne Olling's fantastic "Curious Earth Display" (Sydney Area)

Wayne's foresight and enthusiasm encouraged myself and others to commence our own displays
 Academic Freedom in today's Brave New World
Ben Stein Trailer "EXPELLED"

Latest Display 2015
4th July 2015 Beautiful winter's day
Beautiful Betty Luken flannel graph

 3/5/2014  Thanks Judy for your
encouraging words and advise
Mattara Festival Newcastle Oct 2013
Three Day Event
7th April 2013 Krankit Motor Expo
Wallsend Newcastle
Sat 17-18th Nov Newcastle Foreshore
Luis Palau City Festival
Sat 6th Oct Anna Bay. People liked the photos that much
that they took them off the main display boards and gone.
That's okay I reprinted the missing ones, all sweet..
9th Sep 2012 Wallsend Winter Carnival Wonderful.
Great day thanks Alan your a lifesaver
Saturday 4th August 2012 Anna Bay
Saturday 2nd June 2012 wonderful conversations
with people who know or are seeking the Truth
The above three photos at the Wallsend Winter Carnival
14th August 2011
The above three photos at Anna Bay Markets 6th August 2011

Was Einstein an Atheist ?

Biovisions ( The Inner Life of the Cell ) Harvard University.
 Do you really believe all this came from an accident ? 

Case for Creator (Bacterial Flagellum)

            Isaac Newton and Atheism             

This display contains 122 (A4) size photos persuading people to trust and obey Jesus Christ as written in the Holy Bible. My display is free for all and I hope you enjoy it. Further information is placed on the back of each photo. Excellent material is freely available at :
Free downloads of the Nobel Laureates quotes are at
Another web site that you may like is at
God Bless and Cheers
Steven & Donna Camilleri
Peace to you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ
from our family to yours. Cheers