Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes

But It's Suppose to take
Millions and Millions of Years Folks
(According to Current Evolutionary Thinking)

Seeing is Believing

Vast Amounts Of Water Found Deep
Beneath The Earth's Crust (Noah's Flood ?)

Fossil Trees Extending Through (Rock) Hundred or Thousands Of Years Old. (You're kidding aren't you ?)

Sea Floor Lifted By Earthquake (Just like that)

Canyons Formed In Days (What just days)

Fast Erosion (Bizarre)

Destructive Power Of One Earthquake (Ready for this?)

Dinosaur Soft Tissue Find (What next!)

The Antikythera Mechanism (A 1000 years ahead in technology)

Glacier Girl (What a story it can't be true)

Note: Expecting squadron to be about 15-20 meters under the surface according to the precipitation data for the last 50 years (1942-92).
But there must be something wrong with the precipitation data because the squadron was found at a depth of almost 270 feet (about 82 meters) from 1942-1992 under the surface of the Icecap.
That means at current rate, snow and ice build up would be:
82 metres = 50 years / 164 metres = 100 years / 1640 metres = 1000 years / 16400 metres = 10000 years / 164000 metres
(164 Kilometres High) = 100000 years.
Space begins at 80.4km (50miles) or 264,000 feet. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) starts from 160kms

Manmade Rainforest (You can't do that can you?)

Petrified Corpses (In a short time)

Africa The Continent Is Splitting Apart (Amazing)

What About An Island Formed In Months Or A Day (Beyond Belief)

Large Crack Opens In The Earth (Suddenly)

North Magnetic Pole Moving Due To Core Flux (Wow)

Earth's Axis Shifted (Read this)