The Missing Trillions

Trillions of Dollars Missing ? 
How is that even possible?
Misappropriated or (Stolen)

What does a Trillion dollars even look like?

U.S. Secretary of State Donald Rumfeld (2.3 Trillion)

U.S Secretary of State Donald Rumfeld
(2.3 Trillion) now grown to (6.5 Trillion)

U.S. Army (Trillions missing)

U.S. Army Thousands of Soldiers 
(Repay Missing Money A Decade Later)
(Slapped with interest charges, wage garnishments and tax liens if they refuse)
(So They Do Know How To Audit Just Not The Big Guys)

U.S. Federal Reserve Bank (9 Trillion Missing) (23.7 trillion)

U.S. Federal Reserve Bank Lend $550 Billion/$12 Trillion (Wow)
But They Cannot Remember Who Got It
(What No Receipts)

U.S. Federal Reserve Threatens Congress (Economic Collapse) 
U.S. Federal Reserve Bank Admit 
(They Are Above The Law/Congress/President)

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